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Our Industry
Focusing on the "3 + 2" industrial direction help scientific and technological enterprises to accelerate their growth
  • Singularity Capital
    Institutional investors

    Singularity capital is the private equity investment sector under Singularity holdings. With the mission of "To promote science and technology by investing and change the life with science and technology", Singularity capital makes growth investment and M & A investmentas its main business, closely focuses on growth investment opportunities of high-tech enterprises in the fields, like industrial technology, information technology, biotechnology, new energy and new materials, as well as the M&A opportunities brought by the reformation of state-owned enterprises and the adjustment of industrial structure. Until April 2021, the management scale has already reached nearly 20 billion RMB.

  • Singularity Industry
    City partner

    Singgularity Industry is a service organization under Singularity Holdings, which is specialized in industrial zone operation and industrial city project investment. It is positioned as "industrial partner and city partner" to carry out new generation science and technology park investment, industrial introduction and industrial ecological cultivation, so as to meet the high-quality development of local industries and the full life cycle needs of science and technology enterprises.

  • Link-X
    Digital navigator

    Link-X is the industrial big data operation sector of Singularity Holding. With the mission of "Data links the world", and make the big data, artificial intelligence and cloud computing as the technical core, Link-X. launched Link-X industrial big data platform to serve government departments, scientific and technological innovation and industrial zone, enterprises,financial investment institutions and scientific research institutions at all levels.

Core Advantage
Investing capability, High quality project reserve, Online Business Invitation system
  • Investing capability
    abundant high-quality project channels
  • Online Business Invitation system
    Gather the whole domain, full cycle and full dimension industrial data and then operating to provide scientific decision-making and efficient business management services for different roles in the industrial ecology
  • High quality project reserve
    Based on its own business foundation, it has formed three unique advantages and ecological resources focusing on the operation and service of science and innovation industry